Educate Yourself Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

With the state of the country in a persistent slump many Americans are turning to bankruptcy as a way out. So when someone is considering filing bankruptcy where do you begin? Many people start right at their fingertips, or keyboard to be more precise. The easiest and best way to start your search for gathering information about bankruptcy and the filing process is the Internet.

The Internet offers a wealth of information on every subject under the sun. The thing to keep in mind is to check, recheck, and then cross reference all information that you gather. Not all websites are created equal so to speak. Some websites may appear to look reputable but are not. The information may not be current and up to date which is very important since the bankruptcy laws do change. Also bankruptcy laws vary from state to state so certain laws may or may not apply. So how do you know to trust a bankruptcy website that you come across on your online search? Is the information relevant? Is the information current? Who can you trust? Many people ponder these questions as they search online for answers. If the information is incorrect then an individual could potentially lose everything such as their possessions, car, or even home.

The bottom line is, do not base all of your decisions completely on information found on the Internet. People need to practice due diligence and do their homework. Visit several reputable online bankruptcy websites recommended by a consumer protection organization. This is a good way to get any background information on a website that you are looking at. Websites that seem to slick or polished looking, but do not seem to have that much solid information may be a problem and you should continue your search elsewhere. Reference all information found against the US Federal Bankruptcy Court website. This website can link you to your local state district bankruptcy court to gather information that me pertinent to your sate or district. Finally, the best way to inform yourself of the ins and outs of bankruptcy is to speak with an experienced local bankruptcy attorney. After educating yourself using the Internet, come up with a list of questions that you would like further clarification on. Then make an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. Most reputable bankruptcy attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Take advantage of this and their expertise to go over any issues or questions that you may have regarding your personal financial situation and what bankruptcy can do for you. Filing bankruptcy was created to offer honest individuals overwhelmed with debt a way to gain a fresh start. Finding out what bankruptcy can offer you begins right at your fingertips.

Redefining Reimbursements – The Paperless Approach

As you read this, an employee in some part of the world is struggling to find his bill in order to file his reimbursements and his manager is having a miserable time going through a stack of receipts that are not making it any better for her. Have you been there as well? Then it is time to digitize the process and make it a lot easier.

Over the past few years there have been a lot of buzz about going paperless in offices, home and on-field workplaces. A bunch of reasons might have reached your ears about going paperless; like saving the environment, saving money for your company, hassle free procedures et al. However, another important approach, which remains unnoticed,is increased productivity. Remember the time, you used to keep all your receipts in a shoebox? They were stacked up at one place, but were they organized? They were not in any planned order and finding a specific one at the drop of a hat was a myth. It is time to change that.

Information as we know continues to grow at an astonishing rate, as is the technology that is used to create, store and share it. The clients, customers and public demands easy access to data and in order to achieve that, a collaborative effort is required to distinguish, sort and prioritize information, data and management tools. While Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are taken into account, the digitization of expense management is required for saving time, high productivity and employee satisfaction. In a recent study by University of Michigan, it was found- paperless management enhances customer service, reduces cost, and improves speed, efficiency and productivity among employees in the workplace. In addition to that, government agencies and organizations in Australia are moving towards virtual business processes and digital record management to inculcate the true essence of the era of digitization.

It has also been proven over time that smart phones and cloud based application services can be used to their maximum potential and help to make cumbersome processes easier. With the latest mobile applications, that online automate expense management procedure, it easy to capture receipts or expenditure data. Take a simple snapshot of the receipt, send it for approval and your work is done. With this, it is much simpler to apply for reimbursements, review and approve these reports as well as tackle dishonest claims.

Well, even though you are almost finished reading this, that employee mentioned at the start of this article, is still struggling to find his bill and the manager isn’t sorted with the stack of receipts yet. Think again, do you want to be one of them? Go paperless and get yourself a digital and hassle free solution.

Happay is a Bangalore based payment company that offers a unique business expense management solution interlinked to a prepaid expense card.Employees make business expenses (food, travel, fuel, hotel, etc) with the Happay card and submit expenses on-the-go. 500+ companies across 10 industry verticals including hyperlocal delivery, retail, hospitality, eCommerce, healthcare, education etc. use Happay to make their expense management workflow cashless, paperless and mobile

Anshul Rai from IIT Kharagpur graduate is the brains behind this disruptive solution.

What to Look For With a Debt Collection Agency

As a business, you will have or already have unpaid invoices, whether they were for a service or a product. Recovering amounts owed can be a long and bumpy road for your business, unless you hire a collection agency to handle everything for you, including keeping you legal. So what should you look for in a collection agency? Here are some details.

Avoid Headaches and Wasted Valuable Time

Hiring a debt collection agency is perhaps the best decision you can make when it comes to collecting on old debts. You have other important business tasks to handle and doing the collecting yourself can consume a lot of your important time, as well as take away your focus from more other business-related things. In fact, it could become a royal headache as you find yourself rummaging around to find documents and checking legal laws, and even getting organized.

One Size Fits All Does Not Apply

Every debt collection agency is different and some may have the offered services you need while others may not be tailored to your situation. Some may send out collection letters and make a couple phone calls and call that collection services. Others may add other features, such as handling court processes, locating debtors, making payment offers, and more. Some debt collection agecies will provide you full services inclusing legal process. They will communicate with both party and try to make an acceptable ending. That is just a couple examples, but there are many other services to consider.

Types of Debt They Handle

Debt collectors focus on specific types of debt, which means that you need one who can handle your bad debts. For instance, some focus solely on medical bills and credit cards, while others add auto loans, personal loans, mortgages, lines of credit, etc.

Their Client Database

An important thing to consider when looking at hiring a debt collector is the type of clients they retain. Some collection agencies work with big corporations while others handle small business clients. Some handle both or are better with one or the other. Some work with franchises while others work with companies that provide services like home improvement companies and landscaping businesses. When prospecting for a debt collection agency, be sure to ask what type of clients businesses they serve. You wouldn’t go to a landscaper for new flooring in the house and you wouldn’t hire a doctor to provide dental procedures. It’s the same concept with debt collectors.

Help Me Pay My Debt – What You Can Do To Empower Yourself To Fight Debt

When you are in debt you are in a league of people under money stress. Along with you there is a huge public who is engaged in the same problem of debt.

There can be many causes behind why somebody has a problem with debt. These causes vary from person to person. Sometimes due to a sudden incident you take a debt and you find that the debt is the only solution of your problem. You might need the money now because of an emergency and you are trapped with the necessity for taking a debt.

But after some time this debt becomes one of the reasons of your worries. Taking the debt might have seemed logical at the time, and you rationalize, and you may start to believe that you have taken a wrong step. You start to blame debt. You forget the time when the debt solved your problems and made you relaxed.

Similarly, a bad health concern with you or your family, or a severe disease that came about may also be the reason behind taking debt. When your medical condition necessitates the need for the money, which is for an urgent purpose, the money you received was beneficial, and the consequential debt stands with you as a great helping friend.

So you can’t say that debt is not a good thing or it increases your problems in situations of emergency when you need to take the debt. The only thing you need to concentrate on is how you manage your debt. With a good management, you can get over the fiscal problem very easily.

How to manage your debt problem?

With a good management, you can easily pay your debt and live a happy life without any worries of debt. The only thing is how you look at the situation if you admit that you are the only person responsible for paying your debt. You know that no one will come forward to help you then you can be empowered to get over your problem.

There are many tips and tricks of paying debt. First clear your mind from worries so that you can think properly on the issue. The basic step is that manage your money properly. If you are living a luxurious life then for a short period stop all the activities on which you spend money uselessly. In this way, you will be able to make savings. Try to get two jobs and spend all the bonus and the money you earn from the second job on the debt you have to pay.

Then consider the prior debts. Some debts are very important to pay on the required time – like a mortgage. So think carefully about your debt. Experienced debt reduction agencies are available who are ready to give you services. You can get good advice related to your debts from these advisors. They will obviously give you great help regarding debt, and can help negotiating interest on your credit card and come up with solutions like consolidation of debt.

Don’t try to run away from the creditors. Contact them and tell them about your situation if you are not able to pay the whole amount. Give them your opinions how you can manage to pay them. In most of the cases, creditors will understand your situation and may give you peace of mind.

Fight your debt problems with a positive attitude, and then you will be in a good position to find a solution.

Jimmy Scarff was a failed businessman. He went into debt for over $7000 in loans after he started up a business that failed. He has now paid back all of his debt and now encourages other people to do the same.

5 Tips To Select The Best Bankruptcy Attorney For Handing Your Case

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in a court can be a stressful process and can be bothersome, too, unless handled professionally by an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney. There is high chance of rejection by the honourable court in case the applicant makes some minor blunders while filing for bankruptcy. The filing and handling of the case needs immaculate planning, detailed preparation and consistence follow-up as per the norms in order to get the bankruptcy claims awarded by any court.

Role of a professional Bankruptcy Attorney:

A Bankruptcy Attorney is a legal advisor, who can make you understand the basic concepts of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as per Federal Government norms. They can advise you and guide in preparation of all the legal documentations, paper works as per the local court regulations and procedures. They are also experienced enough to clarify any specific and critical queries in connection with the process of getting out of debt through filing a bankruptcy claim under chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy regulations.

Although Bankruptcy Attorneys don’t come cheap and their professional charges are considered to be quite a bit on the higher side, with a sensitive analysis and informed decision you can always select the best Bankruptcy Attorney to proceed with your planning to get out of debt. Here we have a few tips to help you choose the best Bankruptcy Attorney for filing your bankruptcy case.

1. Search someone familiar with your local bankruptcy laws:

The regulations for bankruptcy vary from state to state and hence it’s always advised to select a Bankruptcy Attorney, who is familiar with the state law. If you are not sure about which attorney can handle your case of bankruptcy protection, you may seek some references from online forums. You can also check if your attorney is a member of The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

2. Check the background of the law-firm you plan to hire:

You can also gather more information about your preferred Bankruptcy Attorney firm from their website. You must have a look at their experience; previous cases handled by the firm and take some references in order to ascertain the professional efficacy of your attorney. You can also check if the firm is associated with similar cases and have attained success in them.

3. Take reference from your state Bar Association:

Most of the Bar Associations in the states offer Lawyer Referral Services for individuals looking towards bankruptcy protection. You can search online for Bar Association of your area and check their website for such a referral service. They enlist attorneys who have experience in handling bankruptcy cases and they can be a real help to find a good attorney.

4. Contact a bankruptcy court in your locality:

In some of the states, courts also offer such Lawyer Referral services. If you are unable to find one in your area, you may call the courts, where you intend to file bankruptcy and get a few names to select from. Local courts can also help you in a legitimate manner to file a bankruptcy claim with pre-defined legal fees and procedures.

5. Set-up personal appointment with an attorney offering free first consultation:

Most professional Bankruptcy Attorneys will be willing to offer you a free first consultation to estimate the case and determine if they can help you. Check for some of the reputed law firms to avail such a consultation. Discuss your problems with them and they can guide you through the legal procedures if you can file for the bankruptcy protection.